Connie and Shane’s Fall Family Photos – Madison Family Photographer

fall family portraits

I’d like to take you back to a gorgeous sunny fall day today. I first met Connie and Shane’s family several years ago. Now their kids are in these funny tween/teenage years which sometimes might be quite challenging to photograph. Fortunately that wasn’t the case with this family. Everybody had fun and even the kids enjoyed being in… read more

My Big WHY Question – Sauk Prairie Portrait and Wedding Photographer

At a recent photography workshop we were all inspired to figure out answers to our big WHY question. I’ve been thinking about it before but never put anything in writing to share with the world. This time we were encouraged to dig deeper and to share our discoveries openly.  Why am I doing photography? Why… read more

Business As An Artform Retreat – Afterthoughts

This week was definitely one of the most memorable in my life. I know it’s a bold statement, but this is exactly how I feel after returning from Business As An Artform retreat in Denver, CO. I discovered “Beloved” a little over a year ago and was immediately drawn to this approach to portrait photography… read more

Everyday Magic – Rainbow

rainbow over the house

Sometimes life can be full of magic, like this gorgeous rainbow that popped up over our house yesterday… So pretty 🙂   come visit my website say hello on Facebook contact me call me: 608-643-2642

Hiking in Wisconsin – Devil’s Lake, Sauk Prairie Photographer


Hiking in Wisconsin is one of our favorite family activities and with the spring coming late this year we were getting quite restless to finally go out and discover new hiking treasures. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous so we headed out for our first serious hike this year. We chose Devil’s Lake SP and decided… read more

What I Love – Quick and Easy Ciabatta Bread Recipe – Sauk Prairie, WI Photographer

homemade ciabatta recope

Both of my kids just LOVE ciabatta bread. It’s a delicious type of Italian bread made from wheat flour and yeast, probably not the healthiest choice of bread but tastes sooo good. It is especially good with soups or as a sandwich. I used to buy pre-baked frozen ciabatta in a store and just put… read more

Alex – Outdoor Family Portraits, Madison WI Photographer

three generations portrait

Outdoor family portraits are my favorite. Each time I press the shutter to capture a beautiful family moment together, I feel like I’m creating a family treasure that with years will keep increasing in value. Sometimes when younger kids are involved, it’s quite challenging work. But then, when I do get that one awesome shot (and usually… read more

Amanda and Mark – Devil’s Lake Snowy Engagement Photos, Baraboo WI Photographer

Amanda and Mark really wanted engagement pictures in the snow. Nature listened to their request, and for our first scheduled date it provided a huge snow storm. As a result, we had to postpone their winter engagement shoot for a week. The next snowstorm time came a day before our rescheduled session and we had an… read more

Day Trip From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon – Sauk Prairie Photographer

After an exciting yet exhausting week at WPPI convention, my friend Patrycja and I decided to use our last day before going home for a day trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park. We knew it would be another very long day, but we were also pretty sure that we had what it… read more

WPPI 2013 Convention and Trade Show – Sauk Prairie Photographer

Last week was again Vegas time for me! This was the fourth time that I attended there the biggest photo convention and trade show of the year – WPPI 2013– Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. One of the many things I love about being a photographer and a small business owner is that I will never ever… read more

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