Lea’s Orange County Branding Portraits – Personal Brand Photographer, Madison, WI

Lifestyle headshots Madison WI

Lea and I have known each other virtually for almost a year. She’s a fellow photographer from California whom I met through a professional online course. After having weekly accountability video chats for so many months we were both excited when an opportunity showed up for me to visit her in California in January. We… read more

Megan’s Personal Brand Session – Personal Branding, Madison WI

Megan Grace Perennial Yoga

Megan is a beautiful and inspiring soul, full of light, joy and love. She’s radiating good energy that’s almost palpable. When we were planning her personal branding session one of the stories she wanted to capture was about her as a curator of beautiful spaces. Megan already created a warm and welcoming community at Perennial… read more

Personal Branding Session with Lisa – Social Media Photography, Madison, WI


I’m happy to share Lisa’s personal branding session with you today! Lisa is building a direct selling business that focuses on clean beauty and self love, along with the freedom that comes from being an entrepreneur. She wanted to create lifestyle images that tell that story and help her be a better face of her brand.… read more

Barry’s Personal Brand Photos – Madison WI Lifestyle Headshots

personal branding golf

After a busy fall season it’s time to do some catching up on the blog. Today I want to share with you personal brand photos from a golf course! Barry is soon launching a new online business geared towards sales professionals who love golf. He was looking for fresh personal brand images to promote this… read more

Katie’s Personal Branding Photos – Personal Brand Photographer, Madison WI

graffiti branding photos

We had such a great time capturing a variety of images during Katie’s personal branding session.  Katie wears many entrepreneurial hats. She is a coach, a yogi, a speaker, tattooed mama and the chief rebel behind Rebel Wellness LLC. Her start-up is dedicated to empowering women to feel strong and confident in their bodies, love their… read more

Personal Brand Session with Liz – Personal Branding Photographer, Madison WI

coach with a client branding photos

Liz is a life coach behind The Sunnyside. She uses coaching and energy healing to empower women to create the life they desire with absolute confidence. Liz personally invites and embraces change and wants to inspire other women to have that same enthusiasm about change, rather than fear. She is passionate about bringing about change for others… read more

Kirsty’s Personal Branding Session – Personal Brand Photography, Madison, WI

fun personal brand pictures Wisconsin

I have big news to share with you today!  Earlier this year I decided to shift my photography business and add personal brand photography to my offer (and at the same time move away from weddings). Personal branding sessions are ideal for entrepreneurs and influencers who need photos of themselves to promote their business, grow… read more

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