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We had such a great time capturing a variety of images during Katie’s personal branding session.  Katie wears many entrepreneurial hats. She is a coach, a yogi, a speaker, tattooed mama and the chief rebel behind Rebel Wellness LLC. Her start-up is dedicated to empowering women to feel strong and confident in their bodies, love their bodies and themselves each and every day. Katie knew that in order for Rebel Wellness to be a success, she needed to be front and center of the brand, walking the walk and talking the talk. In her personal branding photos she wanted to project fearlessness, playfulness, confidence and “I don’t care what other people think” attitude. I think Katie embodied her brand perfectly during the experience. Her genuine, warm and fun personality shines in these photos and I’m excited to see how she uses them online to connect with her tribe of women who are looking forward to guidance on how to feel AWESOME about themselves in their everyday life. We shot at three different locations in Madison, with a mix of outdoors and indoors. This provided a variety to her library of  images; she’ll be able to keep them fresh for months to come!

Fall is here and it’s a prefect time for portraits. If you want to use this season as an opportunity to update your website with authentic branding portraits for your website, blog and social media, I’d love to help you with that! Personal branding sessions are quickly becoming my favorite type of shoot! I love the variety they offer. I love hearing the stories behind each personal brand. I love coming up with ideas on how to tell these stories through photos.

If you’re dreaming about elevating and strengthening your brand for the end of the year with beautiful photos that feel like you and tell your stories – feel free to get in touch with me for details.

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2 Responses to “Katie’s Personal Branding Photos – Personal Brand Photographer, Madison WI”
  1. Toby says:

    Hi Ania, another great photography and your model, she’s great and she totally nailed it. (Nice tattoo sleeves by the way.) 🙂

  2. Ania Fields says:

    Thanks Toby! You’re right, she did nailed it! The tattoo was one of the elements that Katie wanted to really focus on so we made sure it was prominent in the photos 🙂

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