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Liz is a life coach behind The Sunnyside. She uses coaching and energy healing to empower women to create the life they desire with absolute confidence. Liz personally invites and embraces change and wants to inspire other women to have that same enthusiasm about change, rather than fear. She is passionate about bringing about change for others in a way that excites rather than overwhelms. Her ultimate goal is to empower women, to excite in the possibilities rather than shy away from the what-ifs. 

Liz works from home, so this is where we started her personal brand session. We even had her client to join us for a few shots of Liz in action! Cooking is one of Liz’s favorite things to do, so this was one of the brand stories we photographed at home as well. After that we continued at one of Madison’s parks. One of the new services Liz will be offering is called “Choose Your Own Adventure Coaching”, where clients can choose to go on a walk, hike, or bike ride with her while having their session. Mosquitoes were a little challenging, but we didn’t let them bother us and were able to get the shots we wanted. Below are some of my favorites from Liz’s personal brand shoot.

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