Personal Branding Session with Lisa – Social Media Photography, Madison, WI


I’m happy to share Lisa’s personal branding session with you today! Lisa is building a direct selling business that focuses on clean beauty and self love, along with the freedom that comes from being an entrepreneur. She wanted to create lifestyle images that tell that story and help her be a better face of her brand.

Her main intention for the shoot was to create a library of custom social media photos. She plans to use them in her Instagram and Facebook feed to showcase the skincare products she offers, as well as and highlight her focused, calm, intentional life filled with gratitude. Lisa wanted to share the FUN of living a life you have dreamed of and purposely built for yourself.

I loved this session for many reasons. One of them was the dogs of course 🙂 Lisa’s dogs and quality time with them are very important to her and the puppies clearly stole the show in some of the photos. Another was Lisa’s desire for a strictly lifestyle approach for this session. She wanted most of the photos to “catch her in the act” of showing up with love and grace. Her vision was to be doing the ordinary with a little style. I think we achieved that and I’m looking forward to see how it will help her brand stand out and elevate to a different and higher client attraction.

Do you feel challenged to post consistently on social media because you don’t have enough photos to post? Your online image and visual brand is your voice in the world! Now…..are you mumbling and we are having a hard time hearing you OR are you vibrant and aligned and loud about who you are and how you can help us with your gifts?!

If you need some help crafting new images that capture all the magic that you have to offer I’d love to help you with that! We can create months worth of content with just one day of your time invested! If you feel that this is something that would make your life easier and would love to learn more then let’s connect and chat.

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