Everyday Magic – Winter Wonderland After Ice Storm at Devil’s Lake

spruce branch after ice storm

Last weekend the world looked magical after ice storm. I had a chance to drive through Devil’s Lake in the late afternoon just before the sunset and just couldn’t stop taking photos. Literally everything was covered in thick and beautiful icy glaze. The trees, branches and grasses encased in ice looked like covered in diamonds, almost unreal and… read more

Everyday Magic – Ice Castles Wisconsin Dells

Last weekend we explored a really cool (literally!) and magical place – Ice Castles in Wisconsin Dells. We got our tickets for late afternoon which turned out to be perfect timing for the most beautiful light. It was lots of fun (for both adults and teenagers) to explore the passages, tunnels, ice slides and of course take photos.… read more

Everyday Magic – Winter in Wisconsin – Winter Solstice Day in Devil’s Lake State Park

winter in Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin can be delightfully beautiful sometimes. Yesterday winter solstice brought some magic and turned Devil’s Lake State Park into a winter fairy tale land. Woods, trees and prairies covered in frost seemed enchanted. I didn’t have my camera with me when we first drove by but was able to go back home and… read more

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