Everyday Magic – Winter in Wisconsin – Winter Solstice Day in Devil’s Lake State Park

winter in Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin can be delightfully beautiful sometimes. Yesterday winter solstice brought some magic and turned Devil’s Lake State Park into a winter fairy tale land. Woods, trees and prairies covered in frost seemed enchanted. I didn’t have my camera with me when we first drove by but was able to go back home and… read more

Exploring Door County – Family Vacation

door county beaches

Seaside experience isn’t usually a part of Midwest living, however we just did have a taste of it during our Door County family vacation. Scenic shorelines, lonely lighthouses, picturesque waterfront villages, bucolic islands and incredible natural landscape – we found it all on this peaceful peninsula in Wisconsin northeast corner. With so much that Door… read more

Everyday Magic – Wisconsin River on a Frosty Morning – Prairie du Sac, WI Photographer

This is how the world three blocks from our house looked this morning. Normally we just drive by it without paying much attention. Today (even though it was close to zero F) I decided to stop and just look. I need to do this more often 🙂 click here for more photos : www.aniafieldsphotoart.com or join me on Facebook!

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