Angels among Us – Special Needs Photography, Madison WI

special needs photography

I believe that no matter if we are aware of it or not we all have angels in our lives. They are everywhere among us – sometimes we choose to look away, other times we stare in disbelief. Recently, I had an opportunity to meet and photograph Ian who is just such an angel to… read more

Mallory and Jillian – Children’s Photographer, Middleton WI

A gorgeous spring day, two sweet little girls and lots of fun in the park. This is how I spent my afternoon yesterday in one of Middleton, WI parks. The sisters were all smiles and constantly on the move, running, crawling, swinging, dancing. Beautiful and bright Mallory even spelled and sang for me 🙂 I… read more

“How To Photograph Your Children” Photography Class, Sauk Prairie WI Photographer

Sauk Prairie WI Photographer

Are you sick of taking sub-par pictures of your children? Are your photo albums and scrapbooks full of pictures with red eye, shadows masking their faces, and rarely looking at the camera? If so I have good news for you! I am going to teach a class at Sauk Prairie Community Center “Learn How To… read more

Alex – Child Photography, Madison WI

When I first photographed Alex a year ago he was a quiet but curious toddler. Now at two he is even more curious about the world, constantly talking, asking questions, absorbing and repeating everything he hears. We first played together in a park and later I also had a chance to photograph him at home while he… read more

Agnieszka and Julio – Family Photographer, Madison WI

I met with Agnieszka and Julio on probably one of the last warm and sunny days this year. They chose Picnic Point in Madison WI for their session and to my surprise the trees were still nice and golden there. Little S. was all boy, constantly on the move holding on to his two toy… read more

Michelle and Sean – Outdoor Family Photos, Baraboo WI

Fall colors are here – perfect time for outdoor family photos. I met Michelle, Sean and their girls on one cold but sunny morning at Devil’s Lake State Park and we started the session with some running to warm up. Fortunately the temperature rose quickly and we were able to focus on looking for perfect… read more

Denise and Jeremy – Family and Children’s Photography, Cross Plains WI

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Denise and Jeremy when their son turned two. Now, happily, they asked me to capture and document him again when he turned three. The contrast in behavior from “terrific and energetic twos” to this year’s “preschooler profile” was significant. Last year he had me constantly running… read more

Taking the Time in Baxter’s Hollow – Hiking In Wisconsin

I had a busy week with several sessions to process. I could have easily got lost in editing all day but fortunately the kids didn’t let me 🙂 They convinced me to go for a hike. The day was beautiful and hot so we decided to head down to cool and shaded Baxter’s Hollow, one… read more

Kari and Aaron – Baraboo WI, Outdoor Family and Children’s Portraits

Kari and Aaron have three wonderful girls, two are identical twins. It was pretty easy to tell them apart until they changed into matching dresses (per grandma’s request). All the girls were really a pleasure to work with, amazingly joyful and constantly smiling.  Devil’s Lake near Baraboo, WI is beautiful anytime of the year and… read more

Friends – Children’s Photographer, Prairie du Sac WI

A Sunday afternoon gathering at a friend’s house gave an opportunity to capture children at their best – just being kids. This group has known each other for years, kids having practically grown up with each other. We get together every couple of months and this was one of those occasions. While parents chatted and… read more

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