Hikes with Morty – National Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day! For some time now, I’ve been thinking about sharing some of last year’s photos from our family hikes with Morty. We don’t know exactly how old Morty is, and he’s definitely no longer a puppy, but still today seemed like a perfect day to share our explorations. With two teenagers at home there are fewer and fewer things that the kids want to do with parents, but hiking is definitely still on top of that list. Having Morty as our hiking companion makes this activity exciting, fun, funny and something we’re all looking forward to. So here it is, our year in pictures hiking with our dog in Wisconsin…

This is his face when he’s trying to convince us to go outside. I don’t know how he does it but somehow he always knows when we need a break…


In winter Morty is the first one to play in the snow. Rolling in the snow or finding sticks to fetch are his favorite activities.

hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_39hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_02 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_01hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_06hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_03 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_04 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_05 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_37

Sledding is not his favorite activity, but he does love to follow sleds and watch us closely.


He loves water as much as my kids and even though this creek was freezing he didn’t mind and decided to cool down, at least for a few moments anyway.


Last spring Morty discovered his herding instinct when we got him this large blue ball. He immediately was in his element and was relentless in attempts to corral the ball.

hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_08 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_09

A peaceful moment “reading” a book together after climbing Ferry Bluff.


He’s always such a happy explorer…


Morty on a job, helping me scout locations before the shoots. He makes a great model, too 🙂


His favorite summer activity is definitely swimming, ideally after a stick. He can do it everyday at least dozen times on each walk. It helps that we have the Wisconsin River nearby so he gets lots of exercise daily.

hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_16hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_14 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_15hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_28 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_29

And after the swim there is nothing better than to dry himself off in the sand…


Morty is also a great biking and camping companion. Always ready for new adventures.

hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_17 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_18

Keeping an eye on our campsite.


Any means of transport is his favorite because it always means something new to explore!


Picnic lunch on a deserted island.


Fall mornings on the river are sometimes quite magical.

hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_25 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_26 hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_31hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_33hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_32hikes-with-dog-in-Wisconsin_34

Cooling down in golden fall light at Devil’s Lake.


Running, jumping, fetching sticks, going for swims, camping, canoeing and so much more – when Morty is with us we know that we have a faithful companion. He is always ready, eager and willing to jump into whatever adventure awaits – and whether city or country, hill or field, lake or river – the world is his to explore.  Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoyed a slice of our ‘dogs life’.


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