Thank You! – Sauk Prairie WI Photographer

I feel so grateful for you… I wanted to write this post last Thursday but got busy with Thanksgiving preparations (this year we again hosted half of our extended family) and the time flew by.  So instead of timing this message with all the other Thanksgiving greetings you received,  it’s coming today. Yet this delayed blog post is OK with me, as I believe that’s it’s good to celebrate our thankfulness not just on Thanksgiving day but on each and every day of the year. This last year I focused more than ever on practicing conscious appreciation for everything I have in my life as well as for what the future holds. My goal is to create a habit of a persistent attitude of appreciation. It’s still a work in progress and sometimes I forget. However, I do know that a few moments of gratitude always put me in a better mood and lift my spirits. Today I finally had a chance to start catching up on processing our own family photos. There are thousands of images that I took over the last several months, but didn’t have the time to go through and print them until now. Among them I found these family portraits taken during our family vacation on the East Coast and felt so grateful for my friend Patricia of  Fig Tree Portraits in Malvern, PA for capturing them for us. While there are so many that I wish to thank personally, I’m also thankful for you, too! Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading this post. I hope you had a wonderful start to the holiday season and to see you back here soon!



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