Renee and Darin’s Dorf Haus Wedding Photos, Roxbury, WI


The forecasts were predicting  a rainy day but mother nature cooperated and Renee and Darin had a perfect weather for their wedding day – warm, dry and just windy enough to make the veil flow. We started with “getting ready” photos at St Norbert church in Roxbury WI. Renee was all ready to get into her gorgeous dress. With some help from her bridesmaids and her mom within minutes she looked stunning and was ready to read a love letter from Darin. After a few tears and several laughs it was time to head upstairs for the ceremony.


getting-ready wedding-details St Norbert Roxbury wedding01Roxbury_WI_wedding_05a01Roxbury_WI_wedding_05St Norbert church wedding St Norbert church wedding Roxbury


There was a slight chance of rain in the afternoon, but the weather was still holding up beautifully for all the portraits we planned after the ceremony. St Norbert church is located on a hill and the grounds have lots of mature trees so we didn’t have to go far in search of perfect photo spots. We could even include Renee’s family farm in one of the backgrounds.


02-Roxbury-WI-wedding-_photos_01Sauk Prairie wedding photos Sauk City wedding 02-Roxbury-WI-wedding _photos_05 02-Roxbury-WI-wedding _photos_0402-Roxbury-WI-wedding _photos_07

After we were done with all the family and wedding party portraits, it was time to head to the reception… across the street. The Dorf Haus Supper Club in Roxbury is conveniently located next to the church and it is famous in the area for its good food. Both Renee and Darin have big families so the restaurant was full with guests. Renee specifically asked me for one special Dorf Haus wedding photo from their day in which she wanted to include all the guests. The grounds around Dorf Haus were soaked with water and had huge puddles from recent rains so the original idea of shooting from the deck with everybody on the grass wasn’t going to work. Instead we did our best to squeeze as many people as possible on a small lower deck. Even though not everybody was able to fit in – it was a great plan B option. 🙂

And then the reception and the dances followed… Later that night, when I was leaving the Dorf Haus the sprinkles started, what a perfect timing!

Renee and Darin, thanks for having me to document your big day! I wish you many years of happiness and love.

Dorf Haus wedding03-Dorf-Haus-wedding-photos_02 03-Dorf-Haus-wedding-photos_03 dorf Haus wedding reception 03-Dorf-Haus-wedding-photos_05 03-Dorf-Haus-wedding-photos_06 03-Dorf-Haus-wedding-photos_07 Dorf Haus wedding reception

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