Love and Joy – The Best of 2013 Photo Contest

Well, it’s that time of the year again! It’s the first week of 2014 so it means time for all of you to cast your vote in the Best of 2013 Photo Contest. On this one of the coldest days of this winter I thought I’ll try to warm you up with some images reflecting “Love and Joy”. You can see my favorites below, now it’s your turn to choose one winner. 🙂

Who wins?

Couple with the image receiving the most votes.

What is the prize?

One 16×20 standout using an image of their choice taken from last year’s session or wedding.

How to vote for your favorite photo?

1. You can vote for ONE image only.

2. Choose your favorite photo below (one and only!) and vote for it by leaving a comment below this post (just scroll down and click on “leave a comment” link on the bottom of this post under the last photo). In the comment box share the number of your favorite photo and write why you like it most.

3. Bonus vote: You can have one extra vote for the same image. To receive it, just go to my Facebook Page and “like” the page first, to become a fan (if you haven’t done it yet 🙂 ).  Then go to the “Best of 2013” photo album and click “like” on the same ONE image you chose in the blog. Votes on Facebook will count only from people who both “like” Ania Fields Photo Art business page AND ALSO left a comment on the blog.

4. Voting closes on Monday January 13th, 2013 at midnight CST. You can still place your votes after that date but unfortunately they won’t count.

Please follow the rules above so that your votes count and of course feel free to share this contest with family and friends. I will do my best to validate and tally up all the votes correctly and will announce the winner next week here on the blog. GOOD LUCK!

And here are the images:

Ania-Fields-Photo-Art-best-of-2013-contest_01Ania-Fields-Photo-Art-best-of-2013-contest_02wedding-photo-ideas Ania-Fields-Photo-Art-best-of-2013-contest_04 wedding-picture-ideaswedding-photo-ideas wedding-picture-idea Ania-Fields-Photo-Art-best-of-2013-contest_08 Ania-Fields-Photo-Art-best-of-2013-contest_09Ania-Fields-Photo-Art-best-of-2013-contest_10 fun-engagement-photos engagement-photo-ideas

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275 Responses to “Love and Joy – The Best of 2013 Photo Contest”
  1. Jenny says:

    Number 13! It looks so soft and romantic!

  2. Marie says:

    #13- you can feel the love! so romantic!

  3. Kendra says:

    #13 I love Kevin!

  4. Kevin says:

    13! I love Kendra!

  5. Brad Keith says:

    number 13. They are so loving.

  6. Ronald says:

    Number 13. Love the color and light

  7. Brad Keith says:

    13. They are so loving.

  8. Stephanie says:

    13. How could anyone not love it?!

  9. Keith says:

    #13. They look like a soft couple.

  10. Julie says:

    #13. Soooo beautiful!!!

  11. Christopher says:

    13. Beautiful glowing light from the forest.

  12. Kelly K says:

    #13 so young and in love

  13. Matt says:

    #13- soft colors

  14. Marie says:

    #13. Can’t believe the color!! Such a natural pose! Really captured their warmth and love.

  15. Ken says:

    13. Beautiful colors at devil’s lake

  16. Tia says:

    13 – They are such a cute couple!

  17. Gerry says:

    13 is stunning, they look relaxed

  18. Tyler says:

    13- Kevin and Kendra’s love is inspiring.

  19. Robert says:

    13) You can see how much love this couple shares.

  20. Kaitlyn says:

    13! So sweet and romantic.

  21. Becky says:

    13 – Beautiful!

  22. Jill says:

    #9, Amanda and Mark are stunning!

  23. Leah says:

    Because they’re adorable 🙂

  24. Ashley says:

    13!!! Such a romantic and unique picture. Love is in the air <3

  25. Jodie says:

    9 Gorgeous!

  26. Ania says:

    who exactly? 🙂

  27. Lauren says:

    13! Stunning

  28. Kayla says:

    #13! They look truly happy together

  29. Caitlin says:

    3 beautiful!

  30. danielle says:

    #13 love the picture. So cute

  31. Megan says:

    #13. What an amazing couple and an amazing picture!

  32. Caley says:

    13!!! 🙂

  33. Kayla says:


  34. Danielle says:

    #13. Kendra and Kevin 🙂

  35. Claire says:

    13. love is displayed so beautifully between these two!

  36. Alex Kaufman says:


  37. Sue says:

    #13. You can see and feel the love between them.

  38. Alicia Mangold says:

    13 they are the best couple!!!!

  39. Ashley says:

    #9 Amanda and Mark!

  40. Emily says:

    #12 – the warm embrace makes you feel their love!

  41. Cori says:

    #10 – Happiness in the heat 🙂

  42. Nicole says:

    9 Amanda and mark

  43. Kia says:

    #13! They are adorable!!

  44. diane says:

    13 for sure. It looks the most natural and real. I can feel the love.

  45. Heidi says:

    #13 – such a soft, sweet innocent picture!!

  46. Kathy Bannan says:

    #13. Young love. Brings back memories…

  47. Gerald Endres says:

    #3 ~ Beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful picture

  48. matt says:

    13 they seem like they are in there own perfect world

  49. Jessica says:

    #12 ~ so in love!!

  50. Josh says:

    #13 great picture and great couple

  51. Dorothy says:

    # 13 cute couple

  52. Deena says:

    #13 great pose. They looks like they are having fun

  53. Kayla W says:

    3 -Beautiful couple!

  54. Brenda says:

    #13 True love captured in a photo

  55. Josey says:

    #9, perfect combination of glamour and rustic!

  56. Monica says:

    Number 13- they looks so natural and in love!

  57. Sarah says:

    #1 genuine, candid smiles are the best!

  58. Molly says:

    #6- This beautiful picture is a perfect representation of a couple that shares true love!

  59. Janice says:

    #9 Beautiful Couple and awesome picture!

  60. Frank says:

    9 Great picture!

  61. Bert says:

    #9 Love this great picture

  62. Bob Bannan says:

    #13 Beautiful couple!!

  63. Courtney says:


  64. Tamra says:

    #12 – Their bright smiles show such happiness!

  65. Cyndi says:

    <3 # 13

  66. Rachael says:

    13! Such a sweet pose and lovely couple!

  67. Melanie says:

    9 if you see them in action u can feel true love between them, gorgeous pic and couple 🙂 they get my vote!

  68. Cheryl says:

    #7! It captures the internal and external beauty of the groom and bride. I also love the green background surrounding the couple. I also love the groom’s dimples!

  69. Tracey says:

    #11. The couple looks very happy and excited to be married. The picture seems as if they are running off to start their new life together.

  70. Cassie says:

    #13 this picture is honestly the definition of young pure love. It’s romantic, classic, adorable, and the vibrancy of the fall colors are absolutely stunning. Love, love, love this image!

  71. Abby says:

    #13 – they look so in love 🙂

  72. Jon says:

    #13- great couple!

  73. Melanie says:

    #13, because you can truly feel how the two lovebirds feel for one another. 🙂

  74. Carol says:

    Tough choice, but I’m going to choose #2 because it looks so natural that you can almost feel the hug, the closeness between these two.

    Nice work, Ania!!!

  75. Kendra says:

    #9 Love is a beautiful thing!

  76. Victoria says:

    13 <3

  77. Abby says:

    12 so happy

  78. Beth says:

    #9 is stunning!!

  79. Kally says:

    #13 You’ve managed to truly capture what romance feels like. Not to mention, the colors are so vibrant! You did a great job of capturing the emotion of love.

  80. Kelsey says:

    9!! Perfect couple! Scenery is perfect too!

  81. Mike says:

    13. Great background and great couple.

  82. Steph says:

    13. Sweet couple. You can feel the love.

  83. Jodi Sissons says:

    # 9. Beautiful couple. Love that the couple is off centre and the rustic fence adds charm.

  84. Alan says:

    Number 13 is my vote. Natural pose, vibrant colors, loving presence.

  85. gloria says:

    #9 love the setting

  86. Jared says:

    13 is what real love should look like.

  87. Erik says:

    13- it looks like you just snuck up on an intimate moment. That’s how great photography should be!

  88. Maureen says:

    #9, so nice!

  89. Matt johnson says:

    9 is the best couple in the league. Hands down.

  90. Sam says:

    #13 – nicely captured

  91. Bababoey says:

    11. This dude has it down. I would love to frolick everywhere in open fields like Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.

  92. Michelle says:


  93. Jim V Robinson says:

    #10. This photo truly shows the power of love. These two are definitely going to be together in 60 or 70 years. You can tell in this one photo.

  94. Mark Papko says:

    sorry meant to say #9 Ania. My vote is for 9 not 13.

  95. jenny raynard says:

    9 awesome couple 🙂

  96. Amanda Papko says:

    #9 because i love my husband so much 🙂

  97. Gabe Jensen says:

    #9 Captures the true love these two have for each other!

  98. Kat says:

    #9! Beautiful picture and couple!

  99. Sammy says:

    13 – They are absolutely perfect together!!

  100. Joe Jensen says:

    #9 ALL THE WAY!

  101. Amanda Jensen says:

    #9 beautiful picture

  102. Michael P says:

    #9! Awesome Couple!

  103. shawn papko says:

    9 for sure 🙂

  104. theresa scott says:

    #9 such a loving hold on each other beautiful on the inside and the out

  105. Cheryl Shepard says:

    #9 Captured an absolute stunning couple

  106. Missi says:

    I love number 13. COLOR COLOR COLOR

  107. Nicki Green says:


  108. Kevin says:


  109. Kailey says:


  110. Laura Slosser says:

    #9. Completely captured the beauty of Mark and Amanda’s love for each ot

  111. Greg Jiswick says:

    #9!!! Beautiful expression of LOVE

  112. Katie says:

    I like 13. It seems like such a sweet, private moment that is captured.

  113. Marc says:

    Number 13- looks like a loving couple! Nice fall colors!

  114. Cari says:

    #13. I love this the best because of how clear and bright the photo is. I feel like I’m really standing there.

  115. Linda B says:

    I love so many! I will have to vote for 13 though. This looks like pure, innocent love.

  116. Mikayla says:

    #13! Its beautiful

  117. Dani says:

    Number 13 is beautiful! So cozy and cute!

  118. Steiny says:

    #13 – The colors are amazing!

  119. Sue says:

    Love the stairs, the dress on the stairs, and the emotion between the two on them.

  120. Anissa says:

    #9 WOW… Absolutely stunning!

  121. Ann says:

    13! Her scarf matches the leaves!

  122. Jessica says:

    #13, the couple is beautiful!

  123. Kat says:

    #13! Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous couple. The colors are beautiful.

  124. Shelby says:

    13! What a beautiful couple! 🙂

  125. Carol Ann says:


  126. Kristin says:

    #9!!!!! GORGEOUS!

  127. Bob says:

    She just seems so much in love in that photo!

  128. Victoria says:

    #13. so in love, like they’ve found a place where time stops

  129. Jennifer says:

    #13! Love the setting! Beautiful.

  130. Kristi says:

    #6- love the old brick and black stairs!

  131. Tammy Taylor says:

    #9 beautiful on the inside and out!!

  132. Francie says:

    #6 Great couple and gorgeous photo!

  133. Steph Pittz says:

    # 6, such a unique and romantic photo!

  134. Katy says:

    #6 is so classy and timeless!

  135. Eli says:

    #6…that’s us!!!

  136. Kate j says:

    #13!!!! Stunning representation of this gentle couple!

  137. Karen G says:

    #13 Beautifully captured moment of a beautiful couple.

  138. Carol says:

    #13 Lovely in love.

  139. Christine says:

    #13!!!! Kendra and Kevin…absolutely adorable!

  140. Kali says:

    #6–Love the rustic look of the brick and stairs–And the couple looks great!

  141. Gloria says:

    #10! Fabulous couple going down the road together forever!

  142. julie says:

    #6. #1 photographer plus #1 couple equals #1 photo!!!!!

  143. Jerry says:

    #13- very lovely

  144. monica says:

    #13 looks so natural and comfortable

  145. Tate says:

    13 is my favorite. It feels very personal.

  146. Mary Beth Esquibel says:

    #10 of course! Beautiful couple & sincerely in love!

  147. sammy y says:

    #13- Kendra and Kevin deserve this!

  148. melissa says:

    13 the colors and light are quite beautiful.

  149. Michelle says:

    #10! 🙂

  150. matt george says:


  151. Aly says:

    13!!!!! So romantic! And I love the fall colors!

  152. Cassandra says:

    #11 … Because that’s me! The picture depicts the absolute bliss we felt on our wedding day. Thank you Ania for doing such a beautiful job capturing the best day of our lives!

  153. Brenda says:

    #11.. such a beautiful couple. I love everything about it.

  154. Sacha says:

    #10! Genuine happiness, beautiful couple, and the photo lighting is great!

  155. Carly M says:

    #6-I first love this photo because I grew up with both Kristi and Eli and I have to say their wedding day was long awaited for. Not only have I known both since kindergarten, but I have had the privilege of watching their love grow from the start. And I have to say… is real unconditional love….one that makes you look and say wow….I hope this is what I find and share with another person. This picture signifies the many steps they have taken together and the steps that are still to come in their relationship together. It may be hard to take that next step up…..but, with what these two have, they will climb to the top with ease knowing the other is there to catch them if they would happen to miss a step. AMAZING!!!!!! GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!! Ania… are so talented!!!!

  156. Mara says:

    13 is my favorite! I like how natural it seems!

  157. Katrina says:

    #6 – the pose, the background, the colors…love, love, love!

  158. Sarah Fisher says:

    13! So genuine! Looks like they’re in a little love bubble! you can just see it around them!

  159. Hannah B. says:

    #13. You completely captured how soft and kind they are! Beautiful love!

  160. Samuel says:

    #13. Nice job capturing the cozy fall time!

  161. Sadie Malmgren says:


  162. Allison says:

    #13- looks so genuine and natural! doesn’t feel like posed photography…but rather than you came across this moment and captured it!

  163. Lia B says:

    #13- They’re so cute!

  164. Stephanie says:

    #13! They are a gorgeous couple and this photo captures a genuine, casual, and loving moment!

  165. Janet says:

    #12 beautiful couple

  166. Laura Ormsby says:

    #10 is my favorite! The setting looks so natural. As if the family and friends are just beyond them waiting to get the party started. A private stolen moment for the newlyweds. Very intimate.

  167. Courtney says:

    #6 – So abstract but with so much warmth. The scene is beautiful and the couple is gorgeous.

  168. ed says:

    #6. Breathtaking!

  169. Sue says:

    #6. Love the background !

  170. Jen says:

    #6…such a unique and creative photo.

  171. Michelle says:

    #6 – Love everything about this picture! You can really see the love between them. Plus the couple is gorgeous!! 🙂

  172. Jodi says:

    #6 Beautiful picture. Beautiful couple!

  173. Kayla says:

    9!!!!! So cute 🙂

  174. Debbie says:

    #10 – beautiful loving couple captured in a beautiful moment

  175. Lana Mangold says:

    13. They are such a beautiful couple!

  176. Mark Mangold says:

    13-This one is by far the best.

  177. Bill says:

    #6. This couple are as great as their picture!!!

  178. Elaine says:

    #3, awesome photo

  179. Kim Shook says:

    10 – True Love!

  180. Sharon says:

    #10 You can see the Love in their eyes.

  181. Dawn says:

    #12 I love the background and how the couple has the natural look of being one <3

  182. Cheryl says:

    #13 This couple represents not only love, but joy and happiness.

  183. Tom says:

    #13 Ahhhhh love is in the air!

  184. Mel says:

    #13 beautiful!!

  185. Don says:

    #13. Very nice

  186. Peg Klitch says:

    #10 A lovely couple.

  187. Doug says:

    #9 is my favorite

  188. Allison says:

    #9 All I can say….they are beautiful

  189. Kerry says:

    #9 is the best Picture and best couple

  190. Lindsey says:

    #6! Everything about this photo is GORGEOUS

  191. rich says:

    such a wondwerful couple and setting to match simple stunning

  192. Bri says:

    13- sweet couple and captures raw emotion

  193. Andi Schwab says:

    number 13!!!!!!!!! Looks so warm and inviting!

  194. KT says:

    12, the couple looks so happy and I love the composition and colors in the background.

  195. Ashley says:

    #6 is by far my absolute favorite! Not only is the couple outstanding, but Ania captured the flow/direction of the pic wonderfully and did an amazing job editing the building!

  196. Roman says:

    #9 is the best.

  197. Jill says:

    #13 is beautiful with the golden fall background and the happy couple.

  198. jane o says:

    #6. Beautiful!

  199. Anna says:

    13 – It’s so candid and perfect and the fall colors make this picture completely perfect!

  200. Shaneo says:

    I pick number 13. By far the best looking couple in there with the best pic and I know they had other pictures that were far better than that one!

  201. Michael says:

    #10 – Love those guys!

  202. terry & judy says:

    #11. Best photo!! Awesome photo.

  203. Lin says:

    #10 BEAUTIFUL!!

  204. Candi says:

    #6-I love the contrast of the rough wall & rusty stairs against the elegance of the gown & tux. The line of the bride’s body is so beautiful. They seem to be very relaxed and natural and having fun!

  205. Corrine says:

    #9 – Because they are such a special couple!!!

  206. Becky Peterson says:

    #11……Pretty couple, betcha guys will make pretty babies.

  207. Heather says:

    Oops mumber 11 BECAUSE they look happy and thrilled to be married 🙂 really captures the moment!

  208. Scott says:

    Number 10 it is.

  209. Becky Cohen says:

    #6…Love the contrast of the old brick and stairs…The couple are so connected with each other

  210. Susan says:

    #10 Beautiful couple Great photo

  211. emily says:

    11 is so happy and simple

  212. Sandra says:

    13- Looks like a natural setting and you can really see that Young Love

  213. Taylor Frosch says:

    #13 all the way!!

  214. Kaitlyn says:

    13. Young love gives hope to the world!

  215. Anna-Marie Bridge says:

    #9. They are an absolutely beautiful couple. The pictures shows how much they love and appreciate each other.

  216. Renee Peetz says:

    #3….I love Darin!

  217. Darin Peetz says:

    #3…I love Renee!

  218. Melissa says:

    #3, beautiful!

  219. Arlene Michel says:

    #3 The smile says it all……

  220. Gerald Frey says:

    #3. Renee is fabulous!

  221. laura kurt says:

    #3. Beautiful couple-beautiful day!

  222. Cheryl Frey says:

    # 3 Smart, talented, beautiful couple

  223. Wendy meinholz says:

    #3 Renee is my favorite

  224. Craig meinholz says:

    #3 Renee & Darin

  225. Les & Diane Endres says:

    #3 Because you can tell when there is love….

  226. Cheryl says:

    #6 Beautiful picture….love tbe old brick and stairs

  227. Candi says:

    #6 Beautiful!

  228. Bertie says:

    #3 It is the best one!

  229. Marie F says:

    You sure know how to capture the moment! Amazing work! #3

  230. Sue Gewiss says:

    #11, because they look so happy and I love them both!!

  231. Alex Fiske says:

    Number 13! Shows true love and compassion!

  232. Amber says:

    #13 So much love!

  233. Aaron says:

    Number 13. This pose is so unique and really captures the love.

  234. Hannah says:

    13) looks so natural

  235. Abby says:

    13. Pure happiness!

  236. Abigail says:

    Number 13.This is truly what love looks like

  237. kierre says:

    13! Great looking photo and couple!

  238. Annie Carlson says:

    Number 3. True love at last!

  239. kim says:

    13! Reminds me of when I was getting married!

  240. Doug Breunig says:

    Number 3 is the best looking couple!

  241. Adam says:

    #3. They look so much in love!!

  242. Kim says:

    12. Beautiful!

  243. Carrie says:

    #3 beautiful!!!

  244. Cheri says:

    #3 Great couple Great picture

  245. Jane says:

    #13 so relaxed and colorful

  246. Sarah says:

    #3 True Love

  247. Amanda says:

    #3 so HAPPY!

  248. Diane says:

    number 3 beautiful

  249. Ginger says:

    #2 – enjoyed them all but my eyes returned to the couple in this photo each time because they appear so at ease and content–felt like their solid colors feature them well and keep the focus on them not the background.

  250. Jacob says:

    13. The pose is so natural.

  251. Rachel says:

    13! This couple is adorable! I love them both!

  252. Linda Turner says:

    I vote for #10. It is such a real picture of a couple in love.

  253. Anna says:

    13) This picture looks like it truly captured a moment in contrast to posed photography. Great job with this one!

  254. Jerry says:

    13 beautiful!

  255. Karen says:

    Happy couple, beautiful picture!

  256. Deanna says:

    #11 – They look so happy!

  257. Nancy says:

    3 Beautiful Great Couple Renee & Darin

  258. Stacy says:

    #12, beautiful loving embrace.

  259. Mary says:

    #11 My favorite by far. Unadulterated joy. Beautiful couple.

  260. Sherry Mistram says:

    #13 The fall colors are as beautiful as the couple.

  261. Michal says:

    I vote for #6 – great artistic shot!

  262. #11 – Love the joy, composition and everything in that picture! What a beautiful moment captured!

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