Sauk Prairie Fire On The River 4th of July Celebrations

This was the second year that the Sauk Prairie Fire On The River event celebrating 4th of July Independence Day took place on the Sauk City Riverwalk. It was a full day of fun and festivities culminating with massive fireworks show on the Wisconsin River. There were plenty of games for kids and grown-ups (human foosball was my favorite to watch), live music performances, silent auction, food and beer tent and Flavors of Sauk Prairie show in which participants voted who will receive the title of “Best of Sauk Prairie.” The grassy open space along Water Street was filled with crowds happy to “Celebrate Local” and support 6:8’s hunger and charity programs in our community. If you missed this last weekend’s event then hopefully the photos will inspire you to come next year 🙂

4th-of-July-celebrationssmall-town-4th-of-July-celebrations Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_05 Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_04 Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_03Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_06 Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_09 Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_08 Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_07Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_10 Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_12 Sauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_11human-foosball-game human-foosball-gameSauk-Prairie-Fire-on-the-River_15 4th-of-July-fireworks-on-the-riverpeople-watching-fireworks-on-the-river Sauk City bridge at nightsauk-prairie-fireworksfireworks-on-the-river-Wisconsin4th-of-July-fireworks_02fireworks-showfireworks-display-on-the-riverindependence-day-fireworksfireworks-display


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2 Responses to “Sauk Prairie Fire On The River 4th of July Celebrations”
  1. Renee says:

    Thanks Ania! Great photos as always! This was the first time in my life I wasn’t at Fire on the River, so thanks for capturing the events!

  2. Ania Fields says:

    Thanks Renee! Fire on the River transformed into a full day event now. So much to watch and do! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂

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