Everyday Magic – Metamorphosis

Every summer we find black swallowtail caterpillars in our garden. Each year they choose one kind of plant, either parsley or dill or carrot leaves to munch on. And each year my kids pick them up, bring them home and turn them into our summer pets. It’s amazing to watch how much they eat and how quickly they grow. Usually within less than a month we have colorful butterflies. They are so full of energy and fly out so quickly,  I was lucky to capture just one after his (or her 🙂 metamorphosis.

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Here they are three days later (only four left, one got lost after crawling out of a box…)

This is how they looked four days later…

And here is the one that I was able to capture after her transformation

Who knows maybe next year we’ll take care of her babies…

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  1. Cindy Epley says:

    Beautiful, Ania!

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