Hiking in Wisconsin – Devil’s Lake, Sauk Prairie Photographer

Hiking in Wisconsin is one of our favorite family activities and with the spring coming late this year we were getting quite restless to finally go out and discover new hiking treasures. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous so we headed out for our first serious hike this year. We chose Devil’s Lake SP and decided to explore the southwest part of the park. We followed a boulder covered stream into a beautiful deep canyon. A nice surprise was waiting for us at the end – two high springtime waterfalls. The trees were still bare but ground was covered with first wildflowers of spring. These were like tiny (white or purple) jewels but hard to miss as there was not much else blooming. I’m sure this will change quickly and with the temperatures in the 70F range in a few days everything will look completely different there. This change will be a great reason to come back and explore some more. For now a few images from our early spring hike. Enjoy!

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