Thoa and AnHai – Beloved Photography, Madison WI

I was thrilled when Thoa contacted me to create first anniversary portraits for her and her husband. I immediately suggested a Beloved session and she really liked the idea. Beloved photography focuses on a relationship and celebrating love. It’s about showing love, feeling love and being loved. It’s about capturing the real you, free of self consciousness and really, truly in the moment. Perfect choice as an anniversary gift for each other! And at the same time a beautiful experience for both  my clients – my muses and for me as a photographer. I invite them to interact with each other in a genuine and sincere way. I encourage them to be themselves and do my best to capture those real emotions with my camera. We met in one of Madison WI parks, the location, the weather and the light were perfect. Thoa and AnHai beautifully connected with each other in front of my lens and here are just a few of Beloved portraits that show their love and how they are together. Enjoy!

PS. If you feel like you’re up for a fun, feel good Beloved photographic adventure that celebrates your love give me a call (608-643-2642) and let’s make it happen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for several months or 50 years 🙂

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01-Beloved-portraits-Madison WI 02-Beloved-portraits-Madison WI 03-Beloved-couples-portraits-Madison WI 04-Beloved-photography-Madison-WI 05-Beloved-photographer-Madison WI 06-couples-photography-Madison WI

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