Everyday Magic – Wisconsin Fall Colors at Devil’s Lake State Park

peak colors at Devil's Lake

I want to share with you a few pictures from my drive around Devil’s Lake State Park last week. The colors were in full beauty at that time and I had to stop several times to take it all in and capture the spectacular hues. It seems like the fall colors at Devil’s Lake are more vibrant than… read more

Everyday Magic – Fall Morning in Sauk Prairie, WI

horses in the field

Saw this on my way to an early session and had to stop. Such a perfect fall morning… Here is more Wisconsin photos Click here to see Wisconsin photo gallery visit my website say hello on Facebook follow me on Instagram contact me or call me: (608) 643-2642

Wisconsin Hikes – Fall Colors, Sauk Prairie, WI Photographer

I thought I would share with you a few images that I captured back in October on one of our Wisconsin hikes. Leaves are all gone and the snow is right around the corner. Here are some last beautiful fall colors, my barefoot hikers and mysterious berries we found while hiking. They looked tempting, delicious, juicy… read more

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