Clemence and Jon’s Sugarland Wedding, Arena WI


LOCATION: Middleton WI and Arena WI wedding

CEREMONY:  Holy Wisdom Monastery, Middleton WI

RECEPTION: Sugarland, Arena WI

SALSA BAND: El Clan Destino, Madison WI


FLORIST: Abundance Acres, Madison WI

PIE ARTISTS: Humble, Madison, WI

It’s time for Clemence and Jon’s Sugarland wedding highlights on the blog today! Dark clouds were coming when I was on my way to the ceremony location –  Holy Wisdom Monastery, a peaceful and beautiful place surrounded by stunning views  of wild prairies. It was just sprinkling when Clemence and her friends arrived to the monastery, and then it started to rain steady when it was time for the photos. So we decided to work indoors. Fortunately the Monastery is very spacious with lots of natural light so we were even able to capture large groups. Here is a view before the rain…

Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_01 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_02

Joyful and dancing “first look”. I remembered from our engagement session last fall that Clemence and Jon are very good dancers. They kept dancing all day long…

Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_04 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_05 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_06

Clemence shared with me that there will be a lot of fancy hats on their wedding day. Indeed all the ladies were wearing a cute hat or some other fun head piece. Clemence looked gorgeous in her short wedding dress, amazing shoes and a fascinator (this was a new word I learned that day 🙂 We took as many indoor photos as possible and then decided to brave the weather for a few outdoor pictures. It was still raining when the rest of the guests arrived for the ceremony and fortunately stopped afterwards. Here is Clemence with her Mom, sister and European cousins. Aren’t they all the quintessence of French chic?

Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_07 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_08rainy-wedding-day-photos rainy wedding pictures rainy wedding pcturesHoly-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_11 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_12 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_13 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_14 Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_15

 After the ceremony it was time to drive to Arena, WI and continue the celebrations. This was my first Sugarland wedding and I just love, love, love this venue. It has everything if you’re looking for a charming and rustic wedding: the barn, the country farmhouse, mature trees, everything perfect for wedding photographs. A lot of Clemence and Jon’s guests arrived from the both coasts and even Europe and I heard them admiring the location and sharing that you can’t get more Midwest than that. Following the dinner it was time for the dances and it turned out that there was something special planned for the guests. After their killer first dance, which turned out to be upbeat and flamboyant salsa, the newlyweds invited everybody for a quick salsa lesson. The floor filled up immediately and everybody enjoyed the live band playing Latino music late into the night. Clemence and Jon, thank you both for having me capture your big day! I wish you many years of happiness and I know together you’ll do a lot of good in the world… Congratulations!

Holy-Wisdom-Monastery-wedding_16 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_01 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_02 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_04 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_05 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_06 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_07 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_08 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_09 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_10 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_11 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_12 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_13 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_14 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_15 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_16 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_17 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_18 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_19 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_20 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_21 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_22 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_23 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_24 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_25 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_26 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_27 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_28 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_29 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_30 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_31 Sugarland-wedding-Arena-WI_32

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