Great Awakenings Event with John Burgos, Sara Landon and Dee Wallace

Last weekend was quite magical! All the stars aligned beautifully and I was able to attend an amazing live event organized by John Burgos and Sara Landon, with Dee Wallace as a special guest. Great Awakenings event was a fun, joyful, thought provoking, inspiring, emotional and empowering and I got a chance to document it all in Los Angeles, CA. It’ll take me a while to absorb all I learned from this workshop and process all the awesomeness that happened at so many levels. I loved having the opportunity to meet in person and listen to the wisdom of some of my most favorite thought leaders and teachers. I connected with others who love exploring inner worlds and feel like I made a lot of new, close friends. The whole event was magical, moving, delightful, informative. There were lots of insights, laughs and tears shed, tons of expansion, all sooooooo good! It’s challenging to put into words all that we experienced so I’ll just leave you with the photos which I hope reflect well all the emotions of this amazing day. Enjoy!

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