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Wisconsin Dells in a perfect location for summer family reunions. And family reunions offer a perfect opportunity for extended family photos. Beverly contacted me because her family was going to get together and spend a week at Spring Brook Resort. Since they all live in different parts of the country and don’t see each other often it was even more important to capture everyone together. We met at the resort, found a perfect spot with beautiful light and background and started with a few group shots, but we didn’t stop there…  There were so many other different configurations to cover – grandparents together, grandchildren, adult siblings, individual families, the list went on… Choosing clothes is very important for extended family portraits and I love how nicely coordinated their outfits were. All the pieces are not identical, but they come together to create a beautiful image. Below is a sample of their family reunion photos. Enjoy!

extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_01 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_02 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_03 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_04 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_05 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_06 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_07 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_08 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_09 extended_family_portraits_Wisconsin_Dells_Photographer_10


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