Barry’s Personal Brand Photos – Madison WI Lifestyle Headshots

personal branding golf

After a busy fall season it’s time to do some catching up on the blog. Today I want to share with you personal brand photos from a golf course! Barry is soon launching a new online business geared towards sales professionals who love golf. He was looking for fresh personal brand images to promote this new venture. We met on a sunny October Sunday at The Bridges Golf Course in Madison and had almost entire course for ourselves.  This was actually my first time riding a golf cart and it was quite a lot of fun!

Do you have plans to refresh or rebrand your business in 2019? Do you feel ready to infuse your website with your personality? Would you like to step things up with branding photos that show authentic and amazing you? I’d love to help you with that! Please feel free to get in touch and let’s make things happen!

Madison WI headshots

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2 Responses to “Barry’s Personal Brand Photos – Madison WI Lifestyle Headshots”
  1. Nikole says:

    I can see a happy story just by looking at those photos.

  2. Ania Fields says:

    It was a fun experience to shoot at a golf course!

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