Fourth of July Witwen Parade and Sauk Prairie Fire on The River

Last weekend was quite eventful with many local 4th of July celebrations and today I’d like to share with you photos from two events we attended. The first was an annual Witwen Parade. Witwen is a tiny town with just a few dozen residents, located about 8 miles west of Sauk City, WI. Every year on the Fourth of July this quiet rural settlement turns into a very busy place when thousands of people come to watch an old-fashioned Witwen Parade. The parade is a local tradition and is open to anybody who wants to participate (you just need to come early and line up behind the intersection of County Roads E and O). It’s definitely one of the biggest parades in one of the smallest towns in the country. The watchers are treated with free gifts and loads of candy so it’s especially popular with kids who line the street ready to pick up treats thrown from passing floats and vehicles.

Witwen-parade Witwen-fourth-of-July-parade-Wisconsin_04Witwen paradeWitwen-fourth-of-July-parade-Wisconsin_06 Witwen parade Witwen-fourth-of-July-parade-Wisconsin_02 Witwen-fourth-of-July-parade-Wisconsin_07 Witwen-fourth-of-July-parade-Wisconsin_08 Witwen-fourth-of-July-parade-Wisconsin_09 Witwen parade WI Witwen-fourth-of-July-parade-Wisconsin_11 Witwen parade WI

Sauk Prairie Fire on The River was a full day family friendly event with music, dance, art, games, food, beer & wine tasting. When the stars came out the night sky over the Wisconsin River was illuminated by a fireworks display. The new location this year along the Sauk City Riverwalk offered plenty of great viewing spots. I decided to bring a tripod and practice my firework photo taking skills. Below are some of the pictures that turned out 🙂 Enjoy!

Sauk City 4th of July fireworksSauk Prairie 4th of July fireworksFourth of July fireworks WISauk City 4th of July fireworksFourth of July fireworks Sauk City

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