Willy Street Fair and Parade

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Willy Street Fair and Parade. This groovy street festival is always such a fun and colorful event to watch and experience! We got there just in time for the annual parade, which is no doubt, the most colorful, joyful, funky and extravagant in town. Lots of stilt walkers, circus wheel, marching bands, dancers, skaters and of course Bubble Mobil, which unfortunately broke this year in the middle of the route and had to be pushed to a side street. Willy Street Fair is definitely one of the best neighborhood festivals in Madison. Ā With five live music stages, food booths featuring great cuisine from every part of the world, lots of local vendors and an awesome parade – it offers something fun for everyone. If you missed it this year I invite you to see some photos from the parade below. Enjoy! And put the dates on the calendar for the next year, you won’t be disappointed šŸ™‚

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