Corinne and Joe – The Wintergreen Lodge Wedding, Spring Green Wedding Photographer

Spring Green Wi wedding at the Wintergreen Lodge

LOCATION: Spring Green WI wedding

 VENUE:   The House on the Rock Resort and the Wintergreen Lodge wedding

BRIDAL SALONS: Moments to Cherish Bridals

FLORIST: Garden Laurels by Donna Sager


BAND/DJ: Who Knew Entertainment

BEAUTY: ANiU Salon and Spa


It was a beautiful but also very hot and humid day. I met Cori at her bridal suite at The House on the Rock Resort and we started with some getting ready photos. I was nicely surprised how clean and tidy the girls’ room was! It doesn’t happen often that I don’t have to move anything to get a cleaner background. 🙂 When the bride was dressed and ready I went to see the guys to capture a few finishing shots of Joe getting ready (their room needed some attention :)). After that was the first look and then we headed to The Wintergreen Lodge, a beautiful venue sitting on the bluff overlooking the Wisconsin River, where the ceremony and reception were taking place. Before the guests arrived we had time for some bride and groom portraits as well as fun wedding party pics. The ceremony on the terrace was full of emotions, Corinne and Joe exchanged very personal vows and even though the guests were almost melting in the hot sun they were all very moved as well. After the ceremony everybody quickly went inside to cool down and to party! Cori and Joe, it was a pleasure to capture and be part of your wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and laughter!

house-on-the-rock-wedding_01 house-on-the-rock-wedding_02 house-on-the-rock-wedding_03 house-on-the-rock-wedding_04 house-on-the-rock-wedding_05 house-on-the-rock-wedding_06 house-on-the-rock-wedding_08house-on-the-rock-wedding_07house-on-the-rock-wedding_09 house-on-the-rock-wedding_10 house-on-the-rock-wedding_11 house-on-the-rock-wedding_12 house-on-the-rock-wedding_13 house-on-the-rock-wedding_14 house-on-the-rock-wedding_15 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_01 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_02 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_03 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_04 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_05 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_06 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_07 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_08 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_09 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_10 the-wintergree-lodge-wedding-Spring-Green_11

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2 Responses to “Corinne and Joe – The Wintergreen Lodge Wedding, Spring Green Wedding Photographer”
  1. Jim Vokoun says:

    These are some absolutely stunning photos. Usually people like me (those irksome folks of the world who like to comlain) can point to various aspects of a wedding and say, “Wow, what the heck were they thinking when they chose to include “X” in their wedding?” But frankly, every single small little detail is tastefully chosen and implemented well. The overall concept and design is flawless. The colors are magnificent. Everyone — and I mean everyone — looks incredible. The bridesmaids dresses are great. The wedding gown is breathtaking. WOW.

    We are so, so sorry to have missed this very important day in your lives. But rest assured that you both were never far from our hearts and minds that fateful day… and that you never will be.

    J & C

  2. John Lyons says:

    It was a great day. Enjoyed being part of it. Everything was perfect.

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