Heather – Senior Photography, Madison WI

Heather is beautiful and radiating with warm and positive energy. She just started her senior year at Edgewood High School in Madison. I met her and her family at their house and we did some quick shots in her favorite reading nook/swing in the backyard. Then we moved to a nearby park to continue her senior session and also to create a few family portraits. It was nice to watch how close Heather and her younger brother are with each other. We grabbed a couple of shots of them together, too.  I sure hope my kids will stay this close when they grow older, as well 🙂  Great meeting you Heather! Enjoy your senior year and these sneak peeks!

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6 Responses to “Heather – Senior Photography, Madison WI”
  1. jack smith says:

    The photos of my Granddaughter, Heather, are so striking. You did a superb job. Jack Smith

  2. D. Myers says:

    Very well done. I love Heather like my own, and you’ve accurately captured her spirit and beauty. I also enjoyed the shots with Matt-they look like twins 🙂 The choices for location were just right, although I expected to see a softball somewhere…

  3. Nancy Stuart says:

    The pictures are great. I too, was wondering where the softball was. I am so proud of Heather, she is such a wonderful and very beautiful young woman. You did capture that beautiful smile. The picture of the family is great but the one with just she and Matt will be a treasure for the both of them. Nice work.

  4. Carolyn Goodson says:

    Wow, what striking pictures! The colors are vibrant and Heather is just so naturally photogenic. Love, Love, Love…the picture of Heather and her brother Mathew. I so wonder where the softball is though??? Awesome job…..

  5. Anne Spurgeon says:

    Gorgeous photos of the gorgeous Grelle clan! You really captured Heather’s inner glow and beautiful spirit.

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