Samantha – Wisconsin Dells WI Senior Photographer

Samantha – soon to be a senior in Wisconsin Dells High School – took me to Olbrich Gardens in Madison WI for her senior photos. She brought her dog- Hailey- and best friend Mercedes with her (for some BFF shots).  Everything around us was so beautiful that we didn’t pay much attention to heat, humidity and mosquitoes that were trying to distract us. Good luck in your senior year Sammy, and I hope a decision which one of your four passions to follow will come naturally to you.

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11 Responses to “Samantha – Wisconsin Dells WI Senior Photographer”
  1. lisa brooks says:

    Wow, Olbrich gardens is a great place. good idea. Great pictures.

  2. Your photo with the willow tree and leaning against the wall are very nice. I can tell it was hot out there. I dont see any mosquitos flying around though.

  3. Christy Martin says:

    Sammy, your eyes are your best feature and these pictures sure show that. I wish I had my pictures done already. I won’t be able to get them done for a month or two. I need to save up some money. Can I have one of your pics when you get them done?

  4. Dad says:

    I want a copy of 17 and 35. All are good but those are the ones I like.

  5. Ashley says:

    2 kewl. I get one when you get them. Ash.

  6. Fairypet79 says:

    My mom saw me checking your pics out and now she finally wants me to get mine done. How much do they cost? Talk to you at school on Weds.

  7. Amber Hammonds says:

    oh wow, wish I could get some nice pictures. I dont live within an hour of a real photographer much less a Walmart photo shop. I am hating utah and miss wisconsin and the dells and you. call me. my boyfriend wants to break up. ):

  8. Minnesota Vikings says:

    Good job. I get one.

  9. Taylor Griffith says:

    I wish I lived near a photographer. There isn’t anything within two hours of here and the nearest Walmat is even 55 miles away. I wish I was back in wisconsin. I hate it here.
    Call me. Taylor

  10. Roderick Bayeur says:

    Sam, you are sure growing up. I can not believe you are a senior. Your dad says you got your license. Glad I live in San Antonio. hahahaha. Make sure you reserve one photo for me. I dont care which one, they are all so great.
    Uncle Roderick

  11. Bob Keister says:

    Samantha, your grampa and gramma are proud of you. You are growing up so fast. We find it hard to believe you are a senior and will start college next fall. Please send me a copy of one of your photos. We will be looking forward to putting it in your picture frame with the rest of your school pictures. Do good in school this year and make sure you find time to visit once in a while.
    Grampa and Gramma

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