United Way of Dane County Middleton Days of Caring Event

Last week I had an opportunity to document 2016 Middleton Days of Caring event organized by United Way of Dane County. It was a fun-filled day of activities at Lakeview Park in Middleton, WI where adult mentors spent some quality one-on-one time with kids from the community. The picnic started with a pizza lunch and then volunteers and the kids spent the afternoon participating in different activities planned around the park: fishing, reading, arts and crafts, sports and many more! Here are some photos from this fun event, enjoy!

united-way-days-of-caring-event_01 united-way-days-of-caring-event_02 united-way-days-of-caring-event_03 united-way-days-of-caring-event_04 united-way-days-of-caring-event_05 united-way-days-of-caring-event_06 united-way-days-of-caring-event_07 united-way-days-of-caring-event_08 united-way-days-of-caring-event_09 united-way-days-of-caring-event_10 united-way-days-of-caring-event_11 united-way-days-of-caring-event_12 united-way-days-of-caring-event_13 united-way-days-of-caring-event_14 united-way-days-of-caring-event_15 united-way-days-of-caring-event_16 united-way-days-of-caring-event_17 united-way-days-of-caring-event_18 united-way-days-of-caring-event_19 united-way-days-of-caring-event_20 united-way-days-of-caring-event_21 united-way-days-of-caring-event_22 united-way-days-of-caring-event_23 united-way-days-of-caring-event_24 united-way-days-of-caring-event_25 united-way-days-of-caring-event_26 Days of Caring event united-way-days-of-caring-event_28 united-way-days-of-caring-event_29 united-way-days-of-caring-event_30

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  1. Nikole says:

    Helping and sharing are the best feelings that we can do for others.

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