Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Live Workshop – Madison Event Photographer

Global Association Of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching helps all kinds of holistic practitioners to grow personally while supporting them in developing a thriving holistic business.  Last weekend I put on my “Madison event photographer” hat and captured their live 3-day business workshop delivered at The Fluno Center by the founder and president of GAHP, Shelly Riutta. As you may know, I am very passionate about everything holistic, so it was a great experience to spend a weekend among holistic therapists, energy healers, coaches and health practitioners. It was also interesting to see how they have similar challenges to photographers (and possibly a long list of other businesses) in growing their businesses. What Shelley was teaching could easily be applied to any service oriented industry, and this thought was validated when I learned that one of the participants was an electrician! 🙂 Below are some photos from the award ceremony and the GAHP Live Event. Enjoy!

GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_01 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_02 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_03 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_04 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_05GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_07GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_06 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_08GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_09 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_10 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_11 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_12 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_13 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_14 GAHP-live-event-photography-Madison_WI_15


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