Lily and Jack – Beloved Session, Madison WI

Jack and Lily met in the vast wilderness of Alaska. First they both fell in love with that state, the outdoors, the lifestyle and even the long Alaskan winters. And after that they fell in love with each other… Recently Jack and Lily traveled back from the far north to have a very intimate wedding ceremony in a beautiful outdoor setting of the Cascade Mountains WA. A short honeymoon exploring the Olympic Peninsula followed. The newlyweds then traveled  to Wisconsin to celebrate with Jack’s extended family and friends. It was a very joyful celebration as Jack was the first nephew to get married in our big family. There were sooo many people congratulating the newlyweds that it was challenging to separate them from the bunch. Finally, as the sun was setting fast, I was able to capture a few moments of their time in a very short beloved session. This was my first time to take not engagement, not wedding but newlywed portraits, I think I like it. 🙂 Welcome to the family, Lily! You two are awesome together and I wish you many many years of love!

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2 Responses to “Lily and Jack – Beloved Session, Madison WI”
  1. sandy says:

    Wow Ania, You have an amazing talent for capturing the moment and people. Thanks for taking the time to get these special photos of Jack and Lily and of course the group photos. Thank you, Thank you. Sandy

  2. Ania says:

    Thank YOU, Sandy for having us all over. These two were a pleasure to photograph and I like how they commented that this was the easiest posing for pictures experience ever in their lives 🙂 See you soon, hopefully!

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