Easy Lacto-Fermented Pickles Recipe

With our vegetable garden in full production mode and weekly CSA veggie shares from the Roots and Shoots farm we are getting quite a few perfect pickling cucumbers every week. So I thought I would share a recipe for Polish dill pickles in brine or in Polish – ogórki kiszone (oh-GOORR-kee kee-SHOH-neh). Those are not… read more

What I Love – Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

Fall in Wisconsin always brings an abundance of colorful, fresh, healthy produce. We are members of a wonderful organic and local CSA farm (Roots and Shoots in North Freedom WI) and every Tuesday throughout summer and fall we receive a huge bag of beautiful vegetables. Right now these shares are quite big and even though… read more

Botwinka – Polish Beet Greens Soup

Fall is here and each week our CSA shares from Roots and Shoots farm seem to get more and more abundant.  Recently we got a huge bunch of fall beets with large, beautiful, juicy leaves and it inspired me to make one of my favorite beet greens soups called “botwinka” in Polish. This soup has a… read more

Fresh From the Garden – Nettle Pesto Recipe

Spring has finally arrived and the world outside is turning bright and juicy green. In our garden we already started harvesting fresh chives, asparagus, oregano and also for the first time – stinging nettle that’s growing by our compost pile. I always knew how powerful and healthy this weed/herb is but never did anything with it until now.… read more

How to Make Homemade Sauerkraut

You may or may not know that I’m very passionate about lacto-fermenting whatever I can. Traditionally fermented foods and drinks are the ultimate superfood as they give us lots of probiotics (beneficial gut bacteria). Probiotics not only optimize our gut flora but are also amazingly awesome to overall health. Sauerkraut is one of the most popular lacto-fermented foods… read more

What I Love – Traditional Polish Vegetable Salad

Today I’ll share with you how to make traditional Polish vegetable salad (salatka jarzynowa). This is a super easy and very popular Polish side dish. You can see it on almost every table at Christmas, Easter, wedding or any other family get together. This was also one of the first dishes that I learned how… read more

Water Kefir Recipe – How To Make Water Kefir

Today I’d like to share with you a water kefir recipe. It’s a delicious lacto-fermented drink that I discovered just two months ago and have been making ever since. If you follow this blog you may know that our family loves kombucha and we’ve been brewing it for several years. Well, it’s hard to believe but… read more

What I Love – Beet Kvass Recipe – Nourishing Drink From Eastern Europe

You might already know that I just LOVE lacto-fermented foods and drinks. Sauerkraut and pickles in salt brine is what I grew up with in Poland and now I’m just expanding my fermented repertoire. I am a regular reader of Dr. Mercola’s newsletter and yesterday he shared a very interesting article about how our gut… read more

What I Love – My Kombucha Recipe – Prairie du Sac, WI Photographer

Today I would like to share with you my kombucha recipe. This is not really a photography related topic, but one very close to my heart, as I used to teach workshops how to make this special drink. And of course I will include some images as well 🙂 We’ve been drinking kombucha regularly for… read more

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